Racism is an integral part of any good radio show.
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Racism and Don GeronimoEdit

The current Token Racist of The Don Geronimo Show is Carmichael Dave. (because FUCK YOU KHTK) He follows in the footsteps of Robb Spewak, who was a pioneer in the field of Token Racist Character on a Hot Talk Format Radio Program. The show is currently without a Token Racist trying to force Craig the Retard into the role of Token Racist. This is not granted Willing Suspension of Disbelief because Craig is objectively too stupid to play the role with any believability. (Thank you, KHTK!)

Part of the humor is derived from the uncertainty and gray area which comes with radio and the Theater of the Mind. It is impossible to ascertain whether or not the Token Racist truly harbors racial prejudice towards others, but the fact that this is not a farfetched scenario adds to the entertainment value of the bit.

Heh. Yeah. A "radio bit".

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Black Ron. no, seriously

It is important to mention that the Don Geronimo Show is not racist because it has one black friend-- Black Ron.

In-studio, the gesture of tapping one's left arm (similar to a baseball manager signalling to the bullpen that he wants a left-handed pitcher) implies that a black person is relevant to the conversation at-hand.