The Green Bay Packers are a National Futbol League team from Wisconsonia, South Canada. They play in the Northern Division of the Conference of National Football. Their home stadium is Lambeau Field.

Regrettably, they are not as awesome as the San Francisco 49ers of Santa Clara. Or the Oakland RaiDURRs.

Notable PackersEdit

  • Aaron Rodgers - a Cal Golden Bear and a 49er fan, originally hailing from Chico, CA. He is a commercial actor, who, in his free time plays quarterback for the Packers
  • Brent Farmville (stage name) - real name Brett Favre, former quarterback for the Vikings and Jets. He wasn't as awesome as Joe Montana or Steve Young on the gridiron, but you put Montana on a tractor or Young in a pair of Crocs, and whoooo boy my money's on the Cumslinger Gunslinger!
  • Vince Lombardi - famous quarterback under revolutionary head coach Bart Starr (after whom Doni named his son, Starr). The Super Bowl trophy was named after him, following the tragic events one Monday Night Super Bowl when Joe Theissman sacked him from The Blind Side, killing him. It is alleged that Theissman's head coach Lawrence Taylor had instituted a system of bounties, through which defensive players would be paid either nominal amounts of money or gummi bears or prostitutes for excessive hits and violence directed towards key players.