If you don't think this is the best song you've ever heard in your entire life, then you DON'T KNOW SHIT about modern music.

Rebecca Black - Friday - Official Music Video

Rebecca Black - Friday - Official Music Video


The popularity of this song in mid-2011 never fully reached fruition in the consciousness of The Don Geronimo Show. Unlike other viral videos, this one was never played in its entirety during the show. It was alluded to by Carmichael Dave, but Doni made the decision not to play it and subsequently perpetuate the aural abortion that is Rebecca Black.

Friday AlarmEdit

This did not, however, prevent the creation of a Friday Alarm. Whenever somebody would say the word "Friday", clips from the song would play in the background, with hilarious results. This alarm eventually evolved into humorous drops completely unrelated to the song.

Compared to the Hammer Alarm from The Don and Mike Show, this alarm enjoyed limited success. Some attribute this to the fact that control of the alarm was left in the hands of Knuckles the Intern. The alarm was not entirely reliable, as numerous instances of "Friday" went out on the air without the accompanying alarm. These false negatives served to I'm fucking running out of steam here guys. Fuck it, you faggots can fix this when you find it.