Flatulence is the byproduct of the digestive system systematically digesting things (presumably food) and magically transforming them into farts.

Speaking of "transformers" and "farts", who among us wouldn't let Megan Fox rip a Doni-style fart in our faces at point-blank range after some scrumptious Indian food from Little India, 917 Main Street Redwood City, CA 94063? My hand is raised.

Farting and the Don Geronimo ShowEdit

Once upon a time, a dee-double-ee-jay-ay-wye was ripping juicy farts during his Sacramento radio show and wondered aloud to his crew if they would be able to find an advertiser who would be magnanimous enough so as to sponsor their on-air farts.

Shortly thereafter-- and some would say too shortly thereafter-- a restaurateur by the name of Robert Hitler Bisla would pay an undisclosed amount of money for every audible fart which was caught on-microphone during the show. These instances were accompanied with a chime and a plug.

It is unknown whether or not this advertising scheme resulted in an increase of restaurant revenue.