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"Little Joe" Pittman, seen here in 2010

Joseph "Little Joe" Pittman is the producer of The Don Geronimo Show.

Radio CareerEdit

Little Joe, dubbed "The Producer's Producer" by the one and only Don King, was producer of KHTK's Rise Guys morning show until they ditched him for San Francisco. He discovered the Rise Guys' departure from KHTK via twitter.

Celebrity ImpressionsEdit

Joe has a staggering array of celebrity voice impressions. He has been called "The Mike O'Meara of the Mike O'Meara Era". Below is an incomplete and growing list of his sweet-as-fuck impressions. Holy shitsnacks, I can feel the awesomeness of Little Joe through my computer.

  1. Morgan Freeman
  2. Forrest Gump
  3. Lisa Gonzales' laugh from the "Ball Liquor" clip
  4. Adam Sandler
  5. the retard from "I Am Sam"
  6. The Maloof Brothers
  7. Lennay Kekua (she's Manti Te'o's girlfriend, you retards)


  • Little Joe was almost fired from KHTK when he allegedly posted pictures of his feces on twitter.

Personal LifeEdit

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I'd bang both of those chicks, except for the fact that they're both deformed and leaning to their right (our left, dumbshit)

He has two children, Jack and Hannah. His wife Laura is HAWT AS BALLS.  They met at an NCAA tournament game at ARCO Arena between Ball State and Duke.  Laura was formerly the social media manager for Duke Blue Devils head coach Mike Krzyzewski, managing his Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts. 

Joe is an avid practioner of LMS (little man sydrome) and relishes any opportunity to mock those few finding themselves in lower social standing (ie Slow Joe, Craig)

More pictures of Joe? More pictures of JoeEdit